• Silikron released 20A 100V schottky diodes with the IFSM 180A & VF low than 0.8V packaged in TO220.
  • SSBR20100CT

        SuZhou Silikron Semiconductor Co. limited released 100V/10A schottky diode technology to provide excellent low forward voltage drop VF and high reliability while operated in high junction temperature. The forward voltage is down to typical 0.77V while the leakage is low than 10uA; and can pass ±14Kv IEC model ESD and 200A forward surge current. The device is suitable for use in DC/DC converters and switch mode power supply. Standard product SSBR20100CT packaged in TO220 and is Pb-free.


All Silikron products and materials are RoHS compliant.