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  • Suzhou Silikron Semiconductor Technology Corp. Ltd. was founded on 12 November in 2007. The registered capital is 50 million RMB. It is a company shareholder well-structured, including international and domestic semiconductor expert, Suzhou Goodark Electronics (listed company) and venture capital, which located in Suzhou International Science Park. The company is committed to building a world-class design-house with independent intellectual property rights of national brand power semiconductor devices, and strive for 3 to 5 years in the domestic stock trade-market listing (IPO). Silikron Semi product scope includes Power MOSFET, RFLDMOS, Schottky Transistor , IGBT and power IC. It is one of the most powerful leading company in China that owns complete product & technology solutions, which are widely used in power conversion system. We also have the perfect marketing channel, product design team, famous foundries and assembly factories to form a close unified partnership.

    Now medium and low voltage operating Trench VDMOS products have entered into mass production, and have occupied a larger market share. Device simulation, product testing, reliability, and so on instrument equipped as well. With the powerful support from government, we are awarded with 2008 Suzhou Talent and SISPARK Leading Talent simultaneously. Currently, company product development, production and sales are flourishing. Silikron Semi take the talent as basic source for development, technology as momentum, to the customer as a starting point, to the concept of quality for the protection, pursuant to a substantial shareholder powerful resource background and the company's elite team's deep attainments, and engagement of the plenary company Associates, aim to build an upbeat, with the national independent knowledge brand and full core technology solutions, the world's leading manufacturer of power semiconductor devices.

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    As a power semiconductor designer and supplier, especially for a full-scale operating voltage MOSFET, Silikron has already grown up to be an international powerful semiconductor supplier.


All Silikron products and materials are RoHS compliant.